Due to Ticksy platform technical issues, starting on 1st October 2017, we are closing this Ticksy account (at in favor of our own

This will affect support provided for our Icelander, Monument Valley and Polyclinic WordPress themes.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move tickets from Ticksy platform to our own support forum and once we close our Ticksy account, all of the data will be deleted on the Ticksy servers, including our customers accounts. However, please note that all the tickets here on were successfully resolved and closed.

Please do not open any new tickets here and use instead.

Thank you for understanding!
We are really sorry for inconvenience caused!

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I see blank or cut-off pages, help!

This issue is most likely caused by your server setup. Please check what PHP version you are using. It is strongly recommended to use a minimal PHP version recommended by WordPress

However, you should ask you hosting company to upgrade to PHP 7 (and newer) as it boosts the performance significantly.

You may also want to check out your server's PHP settings.