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Can I rename the theme?

Renaming WordPress theme is not recommended

Please note that we do not recommend renaming the theme, and here are the reasons:

  1. The theme, and WordPress itself actually stores a lot of variables tied to the theme folder name and so when you rename the theme it might not work as expected.
  2. By renaming the theme you loose the automatic theme update feature as there is no way for the updater to pair your renamed theme to the actual WebMan Design theme.
  3. As you loose the automatic theme update feature, you will be responsible to keep the theme up to date.
  4. You will not get any support for renamed theme. We only provide support for genuine WebMan Design themes. If you rename the theme, it's your responsibility to provide support for it.

"But I really want to use my own custom theme name!"

In that case we strongly suggest you create a child theme, which you can name whatever you like. For more info on child themes please read your theme's documentation (usually the "Theme Modifications" section of the documentation).