Terms and Conditions


1. Terms of Service

2. Business Hours

3. Refund Policy

1. Terms of Service

1. Documentation and product version

Please, read the product documentation (user manual) before submitting a ticket in this support center. The documentation for all of WebMan Design products is thorough and explanatory and there is a high chance it contains the answer to your issue.

You can find all WebMan Design product documentations at https://www.webmandesign.eu/reference/#links-docs

Also, make sure you are using up to date product version.

2. Public and private tickets

Please, always open a public ticket so others can profit from resolution too.

Private tickets are meant only for posting a sensitive information such as website access details.

3. Sensitive information

In case of submitting your website access details, please:

  1. Always create a new temporary user account on your website for the time the issue is being resolved. (You can even use a plugin for that.)
  2. In this support center, always provide the login credentials in a private reply only. (Never post your own personal access credentials! Create a new user account instead - see the previous step.)
  3. After your query is answered and issue resolved, please delete this temporary access account from your website for security reasons.

We don't hold any responsibility for stolen website access credentials, nor stolen data or otherwise malfunctioned website due to not deleting the temporary access accounts and not following the basic security precautions.

The security is of high priority to us!

4. Support scope

Our product support scope consist of:

5. Agreement

By submitting a ticket or reply in this support center you understand and agree with these Terms of Service.

2. Business Hours

Monday - Friday
12 - 48 hours response time
UTC+1 timezone

We aim to answer all tickets in this support center within 12 - 48 hours on business days. Please expect longer answer times during weekends and national holidays. (Please understand that we don't work on weekends and national holidays.)

When submitting your ticket, please provide us with as much information as possible (such as your website URL, instructions on how to recreate the issue, whether the issue occurred after activating some plugin) as this will speed up the ticket resolution significantly.

3. Refund Policy

14 days to issue a refund

Besides general refund policies the marketplaces apply (see below), we provide refunds only until 14 calendar days since you purchased the item.

Every opened refund request with no reply from a customer (after we ask for more details) is declined after 14 days since the refund request is issued.

Marketplace refund policy

As we sell via different marketplaces, please refer to basic refund rules those websites apply:

Thank you for understanding!