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Reset password


  • Vanen started the conversation

    1) Please reset my password for It's impossible with any browser!!!!!!!!!

    2) I absolutely need these page without sidebar:

    If i modify

    at line (widht 62% to 90%)

    container, .single .entry, .attachment .entry, .page-template-with-sidebar .entry {floatleft;width62>%;

    it turn back to 62%

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    Oliver replied

    Hi Vanen,

    Here are solutions to your issues:

    1. What password do you mean? Here at Please note that I have no control over user accounts here at, which is a 3rd party platform for creating a custom help desks. However, you can change your password on your user account page once you log in. I've tested this now and it's working perfectly fine for me. If you still experience the issue changing your password here at, please contact for additional help.
    2. It seems like the pages you have linked to are related to some custom post type you are using on your website. I can see you have no widgets in the sidebar, which applies a custom `no-sidebar` class on the HTML body tag. So, to remove the gap on those pages, please apply this Custom CSS (please never edit the theme core files, nor the generated stylesheet as you loose your modifications once you update the theme):

      @media only screen and (min-width: 55em) {
      	.no-sidebar .content-container,
      	.no-sidebar.single .entry, 
      	.no-sidebar.attachment .entry, .entry {
      		float: none;
      		width: 100%;

      Thank you for spotting this styling issue, I will introduce this fix in the next theme update too.

    TIP: To remove sidebar on specific pages only try using WooSidebars plugin: Create a new sidebar and set it to display on your custom post type single pages and archive pages. Once you create a custom sidebar you will need to add a widget to it and then remove the widget to make it visible for WordPress as empty sidebar. That should remove the sidebar from those pages.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design