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Responsive Graphics


  • Shaun McFarland started the conversation

    The graphic on the home page is not responsive on the mobile site and I need it to be. Please help.

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    Oliver replied

    Hi Shaun,

    What do you mean, I can see the graphic is perfectly responsive. If you want to display it all, I suggest adding it to a fullwidth column in a fullwidth row with a Photo page builder element. You can also apply a "fullwidth" class on that photo element afterwards to make sure the image will always keep the 100% width of the parent column.

    Here is how to apply a "fullwidth" class:

    Here is how to set up fullwidth row:

    And finally, as the theme applies custom paddings on each column, you will need to set these to zero:

    Than your graphics should be displayed in whole on every device.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design