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WooCommerce Menu Inclusion


  • Kerry started the conversation

    Hi there. Just activated WooCommerce on my site, and have two extra menu options (checkout / my account) on the left hand side of the menu.

    These don't seem to be 'part' of the menu - so I can remove them?

    I might be missing a checkbox somewhere - but have had a good look.

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    Oliver replied

    Hi Kerry,

    It looks like the theme stylesheet was not regenerated after activating WooCommerce.

    To fix this issue, just navigate to Appearance > Customize, change any option, change it back and save the settings. The stylesheet will regenerate and those buttons will become a part of mobile navigation. (Please note that you might need to refresh your browser cache afterwards too, so the new styles are applied in your browser.)

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design